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Morristown Beautiful Presents: Family Fun Day!
Sun, Jul 11, 2021 2:00 PM
Acorn Hall 

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A fun family outdoor event where kids can explore the nature around them and the historical grounds of Acorn Hall.

Different stations with activities can make wandering around the grounds engaging and exciting!

Stations will include:

  • Planting station...plant pumpkin seeds which will bloom quickly and grow just in time for the Fall.

  • Scavenger hunt... Using color swatches, run around and discover various plants and flowers that match the colors, no reading required so great for all ages!

  • Historical station...Learn about Acorn Hall, it's importance in town, and engage in a craft making a time period toy...Visitors are encouraged to take an inside tour.

  • Snack... Lemonade and cookies!

  • Art station....Leaf printing with crayons and paper.

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